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Pastor Matt Marshall

 Email:    Pastormarshall@smbc.net

Address:                                                                                        17810 Monterey Road                                                            Morgan Hill, CA 95037

Matt and Julie both grew up in full time ministry homes. Matt was brought up in an evangelist’s home, the John Marshall family. He worked with his family in singing until the age of 21 when he left to attend Bible college and pursue his call to preach.

 Julie was brought up in a Pastor’s home. She attended Pensacola Christian college for a Sacred Piano degree. Her father recently retired from the pastorate after 40 years of service at Hope Baptist Church in Toledo, Ohio.

Both Matt and Julie were saved at a young age and felt the Lord directing their lives into ministry as teenagers. They met in church, fell in love, and were married in 2002.

 The Lord has blessed them with 4 children. Tim is 19 years old and is studying for music ministry at Pensacola Christian College. Zac is 17 years old and entering his senior year of high school. Caden is 14 and entering his freshman year. Wren is 5 years old and entering kindergarten.

The Marshall family loves ministry, singing, traveling, basketball, and family reunions (with tons of awesome cousins!) Also, coffee!

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